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How to choose the equipment for sieving graphite as anode material

With the strict requirements of environmental protection, the use of new energy has also been paid more and more attention. The production capacity and sales volume of anode materials in China have grown rapidly in recent years. Natural graphite, artificial graphite, and graphene are common carbon materials currently used as anode materials. Elemental material. In practical applications, artificial graphite is more and more widely used because of its better cycle and safety performance in the lithium battery industry. In the application of lithium batteries, the mesh requirements of graphite are also different, so it is important to choose a screening device suitable for you, which directly affects the energy storage and service life of lithium batteries.

Some powerful companies that produce anode materials, such as Shenzhen Bateray, Shanghai Shanshan, and Jiangxi Zijing, all have strict requirements on product quality, screening accuracy and throughput when selecting screening equipment. For example, graphite with a common mesh size of 325 mesh, then we will recommend the use of an ultrasonic vibrating screen. So why not use an ordinary rotary screen? We use actual cases to explain why we choose an ultrasonic vibrating screen.

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