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How to choose a multi-layer rotary vibrating screen?

Rotary vibrating screen, which is usually our common said round type vibrating screen,with widely using scope, high screening accuracy, low using cost, but for this excellent screening equipment, the maximum design can be how many layers? 3-5 layers, or 8-10 layers? It is difficult for the buyers to do the right judgments,how to choose a multi-layer rotary vibrating screen? Here are technical engineer Zhang,from Xinxiang Dayong Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.,provided us the most authoritative analysis.

Engineer Zhang engaged in the design, research and development of vibrating screen equipment has been more than 20 years,with very professional and authoritative experience and technology on the rotary vibrating screen, linear vibrating screen and other vibrating screen equipment. The following is the advice from engineer Zhanggong for the layer choosing:

Firstly, considered the sieving efficiency and production of rotary vibration sieve,the maximum layer can up to 5 layers.
Secondly, if for customer strictly require more than 5 layers, needs,we could customize 5-10 layers, but we can not ensure its screening effect, and not recommend customization of such high-layers screening equipment.
The best screening layer we recommond for customers is 1-3 layers, the reason is that the vertical vibration of the vibrating screen is the best in the 1-3 layers, after reaching 5 layers, screening efficiency will be reduced slightly, and then increase the number of layers, due to the vertical vibration not transmitted to the screen surface, the screening efficiency then will decline, so in order to keep the effect of material screening reach the best, we usually recommond to customize within 3 layers. But if your require the screening accuracy, relatively low, then 5 layers is better. In addition, if the optional screen machine is smaller in diameter, such as 600mm, we usually advise not more than 3 layers, if layers are too high, the machine will be stand instability suring running , easy to cause accidents.
Hope that through our Dayong mechanical technology director Zhang's introduction, you can make the right judgment to select multi-layers rotary vibrating screen, If having any problems, contact us at any time.

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