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Common Problems In The Use of Fertilizer Flat Rotary Screen

Due to the large amount of sieving and processing of chemical fertilizers, large-volume flat rotary screen equipment is often used for sieving. However, customers also encountered various problems in the process of using them, which is very important for customers who use them for the first time. At a loss, the Xinxiang vibrating screen manufacturer has sorted out the problems and solutions that customers often encounter during use:

Faults frequently occur 1: The plane rotary screen is mixed in the treatment of fertilizer
Reason analysis: the phenomenon of mixing occurs, a large part of the reason is that the plane rotary screen screen is damaged and the screen body is not tightly sealed.

Solution: Before starting each production, check whether the screens, rubber rings, etc. are damaged. If there is damage, replace with new parts in time. During the production process, check the quality of the finished materials and find the phenomenon of mixing. After that, immediately stop the machine to check the usage of the screen.

Frequent failure 2: The plane rotary screen is blocked in the process of sieving fertilizer
Reason analysis: The excitation source used by the plane rotary screen is an ordinary motor, so the movement trajectory of the material on the screen is s-swaying, and there is no vibration force, so the network may be blocked.

Solution: In order to reduce the probability of blocking the screen of the plane rotary screen, it is recommended that the customer adjust the tension of the screen of the screen to an appropriate state when stretching the screen, and also can appropriately increase the bouncing ball under the screen to reduce The network blockage occurs.

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