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Caked and fine powder material sieving machine---rotary sifter

Rotary sifter is coming
It is known to all that most sieving machines are designed as sieving by the material property and the vibration force, but for the light specific gravity, easy caked material, other sieving machine has not obvious effect.
So, according to this two sieving problems, Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. designed a new sieving machine--rotary sifter. Different from other machine, rotary sifter adopts non-vibration motor, actuating axis rotate to produce wind force and toss material into sieve so as to reach to sieving caked material with a high efficiency.

Reliable rotary sifter
1. Duriable sieving: rotary sifter could separating light and fine powder with a excellent efficiency.
Its sieving precision could reach to 150 or 160 mesh, and installed an large hole screen net to reduce the fine net pressure. Prolong the service life and keep sieving efficiency.

2. Dependable structure: This machine adopts fully stainless steel, beautiful polishing; screen net is fastened by the clamps and screen-pressing iron hoop, motor cover could be made of aluminum, great heat dissipation effect.
3. Reasonable design: There be a silica gel plate on outlet to prevent the unfinished material discharging qucikly.
4. Customizable machine: For most suit to customer's production line, this roaty sifter could be designed and manufactured as customer's specific requirement. The diameter of screen net could be reach to 700mm, length could reach to 2 meters

Rotary sifter, you deserve it

Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional vibrating screen manufacturer with design and manufacture team. We got new and regular customers' trust in our developement road. Here we promise: all machine warranty is prolong to 18 moths, vibration motor could be replaced in 10 months without human factor. Order machine, we would present one set matched spares.