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Advantages of Lab Sieve Shaker

The test sieve is actually the use of a sieve frame to test the residue of the material sieve to achieve the redistribution of the same chemical elements such as size and thickness. The mesh of the test sieve is strictly defined and operates according to the situation of the product being screened, so the test sieve used for different products is different. So what are the characteristics of the test sieve?

1. Screen frame uses high temperature resistant material
The screen frame is made of SUS304 (0Cr18ni9) stainless steel stretched and polished. The wall thickness is 0.6 mm. The surface is light and identifiable. The overall shape is durable and non-magnetic. The screen and screen frame are fixed by soldering and will not relax. Can withstand high temperatures below 300 degrees.

2. The mesh is not deformed
The screen material is brass H80, stainless steel SUS304. It can be electroplated and chemically processed to make the screen surface smooth and wear-resistant. At the same time, the warp and weft wire nodes are fixed together, and the mesh will not be deformed after long-term use.

3. Mesh conforms to international standards
Due to the mesh marks, the meshes of the same specification produced at different times are consistent. Metal wire braided test sieve, mesh size square hole can be 0.02 mm (20 microns) triangle hole mesh size can be 0.005 mm (5 microns), the screen is woven according to B6003.1-1997 standard. In accordance with the international standard ISO3310-1: 1990 R20 / 3, R20, R40 / 3 series, the size of the test sieve produced by our company is accurately guaranteed. The same type of test sieve, the mesh produced at different times is absolutely the same. To ensure the consistency of testing. Import The mesh size of Taylor mesh is similar to GB6003.1-1997.For example, the mesh size of China No. 140 is 106 microns, and the US standard mesh number 140 # Taylor mesh number 150 # mesh size is 105 microns.We can make it according to user requirements. The 105-micron sieve is used to match the corresponding Taylor sieve to the user, whether it is mesh requirements or appearance can meet the requirements.

4. Standardization of punching plate test screen
The punching plate test sieve is processed in accordance with GB6003.2-1997 standard. In line with international standards ISO3310-2: 1990 R20 / 3, R20, R40 / 3 series. At the same time, our company also produces flapping test sieve machine and standard sieve machine matching with φ200 standard test sieve. The flapping test sieve machine and standard sieve machine comply with national standards. Up to 8 layers of standard vibrating screens can be installed. The equipment is equipped with a timer to shut down regularly to ensure the consistency of each production or test.

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