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Yeast Powder Rotary Vibration Screening Machine

Yeast powder is that the yeast has not been decomposed, but the nutrients of the yeast extract have been decomposed, the speed and efficiency of microbial absorption and utilization are higher, and the fermentation residue is less; the current biological fermentation research basically uses yeast extract powder and yeast extract. Yeast powder is widely used in fermentation industries such as traditional antibiotics.

The selection of the type of yeast powder screening equipment is also an important link. The output size, screening accuracy, screen mesh size, screen structure design and model size required by the user are the main factors that affect the model selection, then the yeast powder screen Which type of vibrating screen is suitable for use?

The particle size of the yeast powder should be based on the testing requirements of the particle size testing sieve, and its mesh number is usually around 60 mesh. Yeast powder has a large particle size, and general yeast powder manufacturers usually require high output, so the screening equipment must meet the requirements of large processing. In addition, the material screening in the food industry also has strict requirements on screening accuracy, so it must be The purpose of fine screening, screening accuracy and screening output affect each other to a certain extent, but the DY series circular vibrating screen produced by Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd., that is, rotary vibrating screen, has been in production for more than ten years. Continuously improving the design and details of the equipment based on experience has ensured that every machine used by the customer achieves a relatively large screening output with a relatively high screening accuracy, creating greater value for customers.

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