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Wheat Starch Slurry Filtration Rotary Vibrating Screen

The production process of starch is inseparable from the vibrating screen equipment, and most starch screens are dry materials, and what is the production process of wheat starch?

Wheat starch is different from ordinary starch. Its production process is to soak and polish the wheat into a slurry, and then screen out the required wheat starch in the slurry, and then dry it into a powdery material and pack it out of the warehouse. Rotary vibrating screen equipment is needed in the process of slurry screening.
The working principle of the wheat starch vibrating screen

After the wheat starch slurry enters the screen, the liquid material can quickly pass through the screen and enter the lower screen. Due to the gravity of the wheat starch slurry, the slurry performs horizontal, vertical, and inclined three-dimensional movement on the screen surface. The upper screen frame keeps rolling, and finally, under the combined action of its own weight and the motor's excitation force, the slurry enters the lower screen frame and is sieved out from the discharge port, while the upper layer is larger than the screen mesh. The material opening is screened out, and finally the whole screening process is completed.

The sieve separation of wheat starch slurry does not require a rotary vibrating sieve equipment. Through this sieving machine, wheat starch can be successfully separated, which improves the extraction amount of wheat starch and improves the production efficiency of the workshop!

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