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Waste Cable Copper Powder Recovery Vibrating Screen

Recently, we have a customer who wants to purchase vibrating screen to sieve the copper powder in the plastic.

The customer's processing process is to recycle the waste cables and smash them. In the conveying process of belt conveyor, iron powder and the like will be removed by the iron remover, and then some copper particles will be discharged through the pelletizer. However, there is still a small amount of copper powder in the plastic after processing. The customer wants to recycle the copper powder. Therefore, we need the screening equipment produced by our vibrating screen manufacturer. The picture of the material situation is as follows:

Through communication with customers, we recommend two kinds of machines, vibrating screening machine and forced screening machine. Both of these machines can be used. The cost of vibrating screen will be lower compared with that. The advantage of using forced screening is that the screening can be cleaner.

If you have similar screening questions, please feel free to ask us.

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