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Vibratory Sifter For Pollen And Honey

Some time ago, we received a customer who is making honey and pollen products and wanted to divide the pollen into a uniform particle size and powder-free state. Because we have not made pollen products before, we suggest that the customer send one kilogram of material to make it. experiment.

The pollen sent by the customer is packed in a plastic bag. It is yellow like the pollen you usually see. There are particles of different sizes, round, triangular and powdery. It is sticky and messy. Our first feeling is that the product is a bit sticky, will it block the mesh?

Then we use standard test sieves with apertures of 2.0 and 0.71mm to sieve. The screening results are very smooth. The upper 2mm has large holes after all and does not block the net, and the lower 0.71mm has a little blockage, but it will pass through the net when shaken by hand. After sieving, 40% is larger than 2mm, 40% is in the middle, and 20% is smaller than 0.71mm. The size is separated, and the powder is also sieved out.

Because the customer had never used a screening machine before, we asked us to shoot TV to learn more about the screening process. Later, we filmed the whole process as required and transmitted the installation and commissioning video of the screening machine, so that the customer could have a deeper understanding of the screening machine. After the customer saw the video, they recognized our company more. Later, after understanding, the customer is a self-employed company. For the benefit, we recommended him the DY600 screen machine, which not only meets the screening requirements, but also the price is quite cost-effective.

This successful cooperation is even more confirmed. We always consider customers to meet the needs of customers at different levels. As a professional manufacturer of vibrating screening equipment, it is our unshirkable responsibility to provide customers with technical support and excellent products.

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