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Vibrating Screening Machine for Alumina Screening

Alumina is a metal oxide, which is widely used in chemical and industrial production. So which type of vibrating screen equipment is needed for the screening of alumina? Let me explain the screening process of alumina.

Alumina is a kind of white powdery material, which is produced by bauxite through a series of chemical reactions such as crushing, separation, heat exchange, decomposition, and calcination. The alumina produced after calcination contains impurities and no products that meet specifications, so the most important part of the alumina production line is screening. Normally, a rotary vibrating screen made of stainless steel material is used, and the mesh size of the screen is 100 meshes.
The calcined alumina enters the inlet of the rotary vibrating screen through the hopper. The inlet of the rotary vibrating screen is equipped with a distributor to reduce the severe impact of the material on the screen. After the alumina enters the screen surface, it passes through the vibrating motor and The bounce of the bouncing ball divides the alumina into two specifications of materials through the size of the screen aperture. By adjusting the angle between the upper and lower weights of the vibrating motor, the output of alumina can be adjusted. Generally, the vibrating screen manufacturer has adjusted the angle to the best state before leaving the factory.

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