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Vibrating Screen Machine for Molecular Sieve

Molecular sieve is a synthetic hydrated aluminosilicate (foam zeolite) or natural zeolite with molecular screening function. In short, it is a high-end desiccant. After granulation, it is spherical and has good fluidity. 0.67g/l.

The main process in the preparation process of molecular sieve: raw material mixing-granulation-screening-drying-packaging. Sieving is an important part of molecular sieve preparation, From the mixing of molecular sieve raw materials to dry packaging, a vibrating sieve is used to remove impurities or grading. 
The molecular sieve activator (a raw material powder) in the raw material mixing stage before granulation needs to pass a 325 mesh screen for quality control and pass rate. To achieve more than 90%, that is to say these fine powder under the sieve is very important for the quality of molecular sieve. usually for this procedure, we recommend our DYC-1200-1S ultrasonic vibrating screen, equipped with an ultrasonic system with a processing capacity of around 200 kg/h.

After the mixing is completed, it is the granulation stage. In the sugar coating machine, the molecular sieve particle size will gradually increase. In order to distinguish the size of the particle size, the next step is the sieving stage. The molecular sieve has many particle size specifications. The millimeters are not equal, at this time, the linear vibrating screen is used for classification. take one of our customer as example, our 1230-2P linear vibrating sieve, by using 0.6/2.0mm hole, processing capacity 1-2t/h. 

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