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Vibrating Screen in Brown Corundum Powder

Corundum is made of high-quality bauxite, anthracite, iron filings, smelted in a high temperature above 2000 degrees in an arc, crushed and shaped by a self-mill, magnetically removed iron, and sieved into a variety of particle sizes. The granules are spherical, suitable for manufacturing ceramics, resin high-consolidation abrasives, grinding, polishing, sandblasting, precision casting, etc., and can also be used for manufacturing advanced refractory materials.

Brown corundum powder has 30 mesh, 100 mesh, 180 mesh, 200 mesh, 300 mesh, 325 mesh, etc. After grinding, brown corundum powder needs to be sieved into multiple particle sizes. Many manufacturers will choose to use circular vibrating screen. Circular vibration sieve can effectively screen multiple particle sizes and is suitable for powder, granule, slurry and other materials in various industries

The commonly used models are 600mm and 1000mm in diameter, and the larger are 1500mm and 1800mm in diameter. At the same time, there are also devices such as linear vibrating screens.