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Vacuum Feeder Equipped With Weighing And Metering System

Vacuum feeder with weighing and metering system can realize automatic metering and feeding.

Vacuum feeders are widely used in production and scientific research in the fields of food, medicine, agrochemicals, and pigments. The use of a vacuum feeder can greatly reduce dust pollution in the workshop, and the production environment is tidy, thereby improving productivity, saving a lot of manpower, and being safe, explosion-proof and reliable. The vacuum feeder can feed silo tanks, vibrating screens, extruders, mixers, packaging machines and other equipment in a dust-free automatic feeding, making the enterprise streamlined operation more smooth and stable product quality.

In the vacuum feeding system, the use of the vacuum feeding machine with the automatic feeding of the weighing and measuring system makes the feeding process of the entire system more intelligent, which is mainly reflected in the convenient feeding and the advanced negative pressure pneumatic conveying method. During the conveying process, dust-free airtightness is ensured, which improves the production efficiency of the enterprise while ensuring the tidiness of the production site.

The vacuum conveying system has several advantages:

1. No dust, good airtightness:
The entire conveying system has better airtightness, making the production environment clean and pollution-free

2. Closed pipeline transportation, suitable for various working conditions:
The equipment adopts pipeline transportation, which uses more on-site conditions, and the working conditions are not restricted

3. high efficiency, low equipment maintenance rate.

Combined with the actual experience of weighing and measuring automatic feeding, the system designed and manufactured is stable and reliable:

1. convenient and stable
The use of precise weighing sensors and PLC system control ensures the convenience and stability of the control system

2. airtight and dust-free
The system adopts an integrated modular design. The entire process flow of materials from the weighing of the feed to the completion of the feeding is completed in a closed environment, making the environment very tidy and enhancing the corporate image.

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