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Ultrasonic Vibration Sieving Equipment

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is based on the rotary vibrating screen, adding a set of ultrasonic generating device, so that the screening range of materials is wider and the screening output is larger.

Product introduction
The ultrasonic generating device applies a set of high frequency and low amplitude ultrasonic generator on the screen surface, making the materials subjected to a huge acceleration in the screening, then, those materials with strong adsorption, easy agglomeration, high definition, high static electricity, light specific gravity and high density can smoothly pass through the screen, achieving sieving and grading.

Product features
1.Large block motor, small motor power and small amplitude;
2.The screen is added with an ultrasonic energy conversion device, which makes the screening of materials smoother with strong adsorption, easy to clump, strong viscosity, high static electricity, high density and ultra-fine powder;
3. The ultrasonic generating device improves the screening accuracy of the materials, and the output also increases accordingly;
4. Dust cover protection, no powder flying.

Using Scope
Used in high-mesh silicon carbide (400 mesh, 500 mesh, 600 mesh), alloy powder, molybdenum powder, stainless steel powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder, cobalt powder, quartz powder, malt powder, coffee powder, electromagnetic powder, negative electrode material, bupropion powder and other fine materials.

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