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Ultrasonic vibrating screen for Metal powder

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is a usually using equipment that specializes in screening metal powder materials. It plays a very important role in classifying and removing impurities from metal powder.

Usually when screening the metal powder, round vibrating screen and vibrating screen with ultrasonic system is recommend, but if customers need sieving 200 mesh metal powder, we will first recommend the ultrasonic vibration screen.

Our ultrasonic system use external ultrasonic system which is easy for maintenance. In particular, when it is used on conductive materials like metal powder, which can reduce the damage of the ultrasonic transducer. Therefore, customers more prefer the external ultrasonic vibrating screen  than the old-type ultrasonic screening machine. The quality inspection staff of my shaker manufacturer carried out an appearance inspection of the equipment and a test inspection of the whole machine, and everything met the shipping requirements.
Besides, it is better you can also order a spare mesh screen frame to keep the production going smoothly when need to change and save the customer's production costs.
If you have more detailed questions about the metal powder sieving, please contact us.

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