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Swill Filter Water Treatment Rotary Vibrating Screen

The customer's goal is to remove the swill from the leftover rice, so that it can be put in garbage bags for subsequent fermentation of swill. The leftover rice is mainly composed of food wastes mixed with water such as rice and vegetable soup. It should be noted that the rice will swell after being soaked in swill, so when selecting the mesh of the rotary vibrating screen equipment, it should be better than the conventional rice sieve. The separation mesh should be larger. If the mesh is too small, the sieving will be slower and it is not conducive to the discharge of materials.

When in use, pour the swill in the drum from the inlet of the rotary vibrating screen, and drain the water through the screen from the outlet under the screen. The swollen rice is discharged from the outlet on the screen and put into a garbage bag for additional treatment. This production process is very simple, but because it is manual pouring, it is necessary to properly control the speed of the concentrate to achieve uniform feeding.

And remind users that if the material is dumped at one time, the screen will be impacted first, which will affect the service life. Secondly, if the feeding amount exceeds the processing capacity of the equipment, it will also affect the screening effect of the equipment and the discharge speed on the screen. Please use it as required.

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