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Sulfur Powder Vibration Sieve

Sulfur powder is obtained by crushing and screening sulfur powder, but there are many classifications of sulfur powder, which can be divided into insoluble sulfur such as industrial grade, fine grade and rubber grade. 325 mesh and 400 mesh and other specifications. These mesh vibrating screen equipment can meet your production requirements. I can install different mesh numbers according to your production requirements.

The main materials of the sieving machine are two types: SUS304 stainless steel or Q235 carbon steel. The size and diameter of the sieve can be 1-3 layers from 600 to 1500mm. The vibrating screens with diameters of one meter and one meter are commonly used.

In this process, the cleaning device (rubber bouncing ball) located under the screen of each layer continuously hits the screen by frequency vibration, so that the material on the screen can be screened through the screen smoothly, and the problem of material blocking the network appears. After passing through the sieve corresponding to the mesh number of each layer, the materials with different mesh numbers are discharged at the discharge outlet of each layer, and the purpose of screening and removing impurities or filtering and classification is finally achieved.