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Special Plane Gyratory Screen for Rice Bran Grading

Rice bran has many uses. It can be used as fertilizer. It is one of the best raw materials for organic fertilizer. It can also be used as a feed carrier and can also be used as a petri dish for edible fungi.

Rice bran is easier to sieving and is needed for particle size classification after crushing.

Recently, we have customers who need our machine to classify rice bran with a vibrating screen. The main raw materials are above 40 mesh, 40% to 60%, 10% to 60%, and the single output is 3t/h.

The customer site is crushed by two crushers and then enters the vibrating screen for screening. The processing capacity of each is 3t. Combining with the customer's previous experience, we recommend that the customer use the 1540-2P plane rotary screen to meet the screening requirements.

Compared with the ordinary linear vibrating screen, the gyratory screen has the advantages of large output and relatively long service life of the screen. Because of its running track, it can make full use of the screening area and is widely used in the rice bran industry.

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