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Soy Four Vibrating Screen Sifter

Soybeans are ground or crushed to obtain soybean powder within a certain particle size range. According to different uses, the soybean powder needs to be classified to obtain different specifications, according to the requirements of the soybean powder manufacturer.

A few days ago, our foreign customers contacted us and needed to sieving soybean powder. The customer's expected processing capacity is 300-500kg per hour, and the mesh size is 20/40/60 mesh. Through communication with customers, we recommended our DY-1000-3S model rotary vibrating screen.

Our DY-1000-3S type rotary vibrating screen equipment is made of 304 stainless steel in the contact part. In addition, the customer mentioned that because of the production process, in order to prevent dust explosion, the sealing of the equipment must be ensured to prevent dust from escaping and sealed in the air. Too high, and the power source uses an explosion-proof vibration motor to eliminate potential safety hazards in production.

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