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Silicon Carbide Vibrating Screen

Silicon carbide is corrosive, so when sieving chemical raw material silicon carbide, the use of ordinary carbon steel or stainless steel may corrode it and affect the quality of silicon carbide. So when sieving silicon carbide, which kind of vibrating screen can we choose to screen it? According to the material characteristics of silicon carbide, we recommend to you-plastic vibrating screen.

The plastic vibrating screen is the same as the ordinary rotary vibrating screen with a vertical vibrating motor as the vibration source. The screen and the parts in contact with the silicon carbide are made of plastic material. After the silicon carbide is poured into the screen, it is subjected to the excitation force of the motor. According to the difference between the size of the screen mesh and the silicon carbide materials, the silicon carbide smaller than the mesh size quickly enters the lower layer, and the impurities in the silicon carbide larger than the screen mesh are left on the screen surface and discharged at the upper discharge port. So as to complete the entire silicon carbide screening process.

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