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Rotary Vibrating Screen for Liquid Filtration

As a common screening equipment, the rotary vibrating screen is not only commonly used for the screening of dry materials, but also for the screening of liquid materials and slurry materials! The liquid filtering and screening operation is mainly to filter out the impurities in the liquid material with a rotary vibrating screen, which can be single-layer filtration or multi-layer filtration.

Our Dutch customer has purchased many of our rotary vibrating screens for liquid filtration, using our DY1200-1S type rotary vibrating screen, using a 0.02mm mesh, the customer’s initial output is 8m3/h, but The actual output is 15m3/h. In terms of base design, we recommend that customers use base carbon steel, which touches part of stainless steel, which can save customers a part of the cost. However, the design of the skirt can effectively prevent water splash, protect the motor, and extend the use of the machine. Longevity, customers are very satisfied with our reasonable suggestions and machines, including tracking services, so many units are repurchased every year.

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