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Recommended Solution of Vibration Feeder In Coal Mine Processing

There are many mechanical equipment used in the production process of coal mines. Among them, the vibrating feeder is a commonly used feeding equipment. The feeder is used between the crusher and the vibrating screen. It can not only transport materials for the next process, but also the granular material is sieved through the feeder.

Brief introduction of vibrating feeder:
Connected under the silo and above the belt conveyor, it is controlled and evenly vibrated. The material conveying speed is close to the belt speed.
Features of vibrating feeder:
1. Small footprint;
2. Feed evenly;
3. The feeding speed can be well controlled to meet certain production needs;
4. Prevent the materials that directly come out of the bin from accumulating on the belt conveyor at one time, damaging the belt conveyor to a certain extent.