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Poria Powder Round Vibrating Sieves

Poria powder vibrating sieves are mostly used for health care and medical purposes. Poria powder is the powder of the traditional Chinese medicine Poria cocos. Poria powder is widely used and has many methods. The demand is large. So which type of vibrating sieve should we use for sieving in the flour milling process?

Poria powder generally requires different sieve meshes for the powder size in the market. The most commonly used size is 80 mesh. Since Poria powder is an edible traditional Chinese medicine preparation, food safety is particularly important. Manufacturers can choose standard rotary vibrating sieves ( Circular sieve) for screening. The parts contacting the material are required to be made of 304 or all 304 materials. The internal parts of the vibrating screen are also sealed with silicone material that meets food hygiene and safety; if the screening mesh is finer and the processing capacity is high, it can also be used. Consider choosing an ultrasonic vibrating screen for screening. The ultrasonic vibrating screen replaces the silicone rubber cleaning device on the standard round screen with a high-frequency sound wave cleaning system to make the Poria powder pass more than twice as fast as possible to achieve output. The purpose of improving and screening high precision.

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