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Phosphors Powder Plastic Vibrating Screen

Phosphors are commonly known as luminous powders, luminous powders are very common in life, and luminous powders are used in many places. For example, there are safe passages and tunnels, these two places must be light. Because luminous powder can not only replace lamps to reduce costs, but also add beautiful scenery to the tunnel.

Phosphors must have a sieving and impurity removal process when they are produced. The material characteristics of phosphors are small in specific gravity, high in viscosity, and cannot be in contact with iron. The plastic vibrating screen produced by Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. is aimed at phosphor materials. Characteristic, the vibrating screen is completely made of polypropylene plastic from the screen frame to the screen, which completely eliminates the problem of chemical reactions in contact with metals.

Plastic vibrating screen is the best solution that can effectively solve the problems of sieving, impurity removal and filtration of materials with oxidized and corrosive steel materials, and ensures that the materials will not deteriorate during the screening process.

Like ordinary rotary vibrating screens, this equipment can also be used in single or multiple layers. If you have similar screening problems, please contact us.

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