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Orange Juice Filtering Equipment

Orange juice is a fruit juice beverage obtained by squeezing oranges as raw materials through a juicer. Because oranges are rich in vitamin C, have high nutritional value, and are convenient to eat, they are favored by many people, so the market demand is increasing.

A very important process in the production of orange juice is to filter and remove impurities. The juice must be separated from the pulp to increase the taste of the juice.

Generally, the commonly used filtering equipment is the round vibrating screen. As the raw material of the food industry, the vibrating screen should also meet strict requirements in the filtration.

The whole vibrating screen designed by Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co.,Ltd is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, including the grid frame, and has been carefully polished and polished for food grade. The welding place and corners of the screen frame have been carefully polished and designed to ensure welding. There are no black spots, pits and barbs, and the whole machine has no dead corners that are difficult to clean. It is easier to clean and disinfect, which is very suitable for the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.

In terms of the feed inlet, we design the edged vibrating screen for our customers. Compared with ordinary vibrating screens, the design of the edged vibrating screen is more convenient to have a more direct observation of the screening and filtration products, and it has a large feeding volume, Effectively prevent material splashing and other features.
In terms of after-sales service, all the vibrating screens we produce will be tested on the equipment before leaving the factory to ensure that the equipment and machinery are running well before delivery. After delivery, we will track the arrival and use of the goods and make regular return visits to ensure Our equipment can continue to create value for customers. If you have any questions about screening, we will solve them immediately.

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