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Monosodium Glutamate Vibrating Screening Equipment

MSG is a kind of seasoning, the main component is sodium glutamate, and its shape is granular. In the production process, it is necessary to sieve to remove impurities. The monosodium glutamate enters the center position of the top screen of the vibrating screen by the feeding device cyclone or manual feeding. With the up and down vibration of the screen body and the complex curve trajectory of the gyrating movement, it will bounce and flow on the network, and the coarse powder will remain in Flowing on the net, the fine powder leaks from the screen holes to the lower screen or bottom layer to complete the classification process. The MSG on the sieve and the MSG under the sieve do the same movement and flow to the discharge port for discharge, and the screening process is all over.

The particle size of MSG is relatively large, and the phase angle of the upper and lower weights is relatively small, such as 0-20 degrees, so that the retention time of MSG on the screen is shorter, and the MSG can be discharged quickly to improve efficiency.

The characteristics of the vibrating screen used for sieving MSG:

1. The screening efficiency is high, the utilization rate of the filter is high, and the screen holes are not easy to be blocked.

2. Low noise, heavy load noise of the whole machine.

3. Small size, light weight, simple installation and easy movement.

4. Continuous operation, the minimum horizontal distance between the inlet and the outlet, and the direction of the outlet can be changed freely.

5. Fully enclosed structure, no dust spillage.

6. The screen surface is tightened in a reasonable way, with high tightness and easy change.

7. Both dry and wet screening operations can be carried out.

8. It adopts double-rotation tumbling movement form, which can conveniently adjust the movement track of the material on the screen surface.

9. It can carry out the screening operation of fine powder, micro powder and superfine powder, and change the traveling distance of material screening.

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