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Mexico pipe screw conveyor

1. What is the client's requirement in his production line ?
On 17th, December, 2015, this Mexico client sent an inquiry about his needed machine with some pictures in his production line. He is a turkey farmer and need a conveyor to transport the stirred fodder. He told us the capacity should be reach to 80kg per two minutes, 2400kg per hour. The following is his fodder mixer:

2. Which machine we recommended for client ?
After we received our client's pictures and got his capacity, we recommended him to use DY-200 pipe screw conveyor manufactured by Dayong machinery according to his outdoor working place. The following is our recommended machine:

3. How about this pipe screw conveyor ?
(1) This machine could be connected by flange on his hopper. The inner part could be designed and installed an inductor to count 80kg per two minutes so as to meet his requirement. Becasue he need to transport 80kg fodder every time.
(2) This pipe screw conveyor adopts stainless steel fully enclosed design, and the surface and inner parts can be easily to clean so that to keep the hygeian fodder.
(3) The following is some parts of this machine:

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