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Lithium Iron Phosphate Screening Machine

Lithium iron phosphate production process: iron phosphate drying and dewatering - grinding machine mixing - dispersing machine dispersion - spray drying - hydraulic briquetting - ultra-fine grinding abrasive - screening machine sorting - inspection and packaging out of the warehouse . Lithium iron phosphate has a certain degree of toxicity, so the material and sealing requirements of its vibrating screen are extremely strict. Therefore, most manufacturers choose to use the air flow screen model when choosing the screening machine model for the following reasons:

1. The transmission device used by the air screen is an ordinary motor acceleration and reducer, and does not use a vibrating motor, so there is no vibration during the use of the air screen, and dust materials will not leak powder during the screening process. Performance is better.

2. The working principle of the air flow screen is that the small particles of materials are forced to spray through the screen under the dual action of the whirlwind and the centrifugal force of the material in the mesh cylinder to complete the screening process. The screening efficiency is high, the screening accuracy is large, and the effect is better for lithium iron phosphate with 200 mesh screening.

3. The airflow screen is made of 304 stainless steel, which has a protective effect on product quality.

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