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lime milk vibrating screen

Lime milk is commonly known as slaked lime or slaked lime, a white solid, slightly soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is often called lime water.

During the preparation of the milk of lime, some insoluble impurities are generated and many sandstones are entrained. They are present in the milk of lime in the form of particles of different qualities. During the transportation process, these small lime slags flow quickly in the pump and pipeline, which will not only block the pump and pipeline valves, increase the filtration load, damage the equipment, but also cause the post-reaction and post-reaction in the process section, which seriously affect Normal production and on-site operation [gang. Therefore, it is required to remove all kinds of solid impurities in the lime emulsion preparation workshop, so a vibrating screen is necessary.
Lime milk can not be separated without a vibrating screen.The main mesh size is 1mm-4mm.The separation of lime milk is also inseparable from a vibrating screen.The mesh numbers are usually 100 mesh, 200 mesh and 325 mesh.