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Introduction of Swing Screen

First, working principle 

The swing sieve is a low-frequency rotary vibrating sieve that directly imitates artificial sieving. Its motion trajectory is a combination of the radial displacement of the instantaneous motion and the circular motion based on this displacement. Non-linear three-dimensional motion is generated, and the movement of materials on the screen surface is similar to manual screening, so as to achieve the effect of screening materials. The screen body is equipped with a unique screen cleaning device to achieve a higher screening effect. It is especially suitable for precision screening of cylindrical, sheet and other irregularly shaped materials.
Second, features
1. Up to 5 times the output per unit area
2. Accurate to 6-level separation, screening efficiency up to 90% -95%
3. Airtight dust removal, safe operation
4. The acceleration is 4.5 times lower than the vibrating screen, the life of the screening parts is increased and the maintenance is reduced
5. Noise is less than 75 dB
Third, applicable industry
Chemistry, food and spices, plastics, medicine, metallurgy, rubber, fertilizer, sugar and salt industry