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Food Grade Vibrating Screen Used Before Chicken Essence Granulation And Packaging

The production process of chicken essence: mixing, granulating, drying, sieving, and packaging. For screening, our vibrating screening equipment is used to screen out chicken essence particles of moderate size to ensure that no other impurities are mixed in or agglomerate, and then packaged. So which vibration sieve is used for grading chicken essence?

Because chicken essence has a granulation and drying process, the water content is very low, and the granules and powders also have good fluidity. They are relatively easy to screen materials. There are two main purposes for using a vibrating screen. One is Select 14 mesh (16 mesh) particles on the sieve, the second is to sift out fine powder. Therefore, in general, single-layer vibrating screens are often used, and rotary vibrating screens and linear vibrating screens are common equipment.

It should be noted that because chicken essence belongs to the category of food seasonings, the material of the equipment must be at least 304 stainless steel in the material contact part to ensure that the material will not cause secondary pollution during the screening process. At the same time, the seals such as sealing rubber ring and cleaning net are used. Devices such as bouncing balls should also be made of silica gel to meet food-grade requirements.

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