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Fish Powder Sieving Rotary Circular Vibrating Screen

Generally fish powder is divided into dry fish powder and wet fish powder, screening mesh for 40 mesh and 60 mesh, and screening purpose for removing impurities of materials, but same machine model handling this two materials with different capacity, and this capacity has larger difference. Such as, 1500mm diameter of rotary vibrating sieving dry powder, screen mesh for 40 mesh, handling capacity can up to 2t/h, then sieving wet fish powder, same screen mesh, handling capacity can up to 200kg/h. Machine material uses contacting parts stainless steel.

Rotary circular vibrating screen can customized as customer’s requirement, and can better meet customer’s site and demand, with easy to change screen, convenient operation and maintenance, stable running, no mesh plug and other advantages, can achieve this removing impurities, grading, screening and filtration of materials.