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Emery Round Vibrating Screen

The rotary vibrating screen is the most common kind of screening equipment, and it is also a relatively mature product. It is an unbalanced weight on the upper and lower ends of the vibration motor that can produce three different applied force, vertical, horizontal, and inclined. This force is then transferred to the material on the screen surface, which is sieved according to the difference between the particle size of the material and the size of the screen. According to the mesh number and output of the emery, under normal circumstances, DY-1000-1S with a mesh size of 60 mesh is often used. Why use a rotary vibrating screen to screen the emery? There are mainly the following reasons:

1. The size of the emery particles is different, which affects the use of the next procedure of the material.

2. The screen of the rotary vibrating screen is easy to replace, because the screen is the main part of the vibrating screen equipment and is also a wearing part. Replacing the screen is a common thing in the production and use of the workshop. Therefore, choosing a grid that is easy to replace the screen can save some time in the production process.

3. The specific gravity of emery is 6.0, and the screen is relatively easy to break. The sieve frame structure of the rotary vibrating screen is a sub-mother structure (the mesh with bigger aperture supports the above fine mesh), which can not only extend the service life of the screen, but also screen the emery very well.