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Edible Gelatin Vibration Sieving Equipment

Edible gelatin is widely used as a thickener in the food industry to add jelly, food coloring, high-grade soft candy, ice cream, dry vinegar, yogurt, frozen food, etc. In the chemical industry, it is mainly used as a raw material for bonding, emulsification and advanced cosmetics.

Edible gelatin needs to be crushed, sieved, and then used in food, medicine, etc. During the production process, the screening process is to use a vibrating sieving machine to divide the crushed edible gelatin particles into different grades according to the next process requirements. The largest particles produced are then crushed by a pulverizer and put into production use.

The most commonly used mesh for sieving edible gelatin is generally about 10 to 50 mesh. It is generally recommended to use the DY series vibration sieving equipment. Our previous customers used 10 mesh and 30 mesh, and the processing capacity was 700 kg/h.
According to the different material conditions and output of customers, we will have different specifications and processes to ensure that customers can use their own models. If you have specific requirements, you can contact us.

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