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Black Soldier Fly Vibration Screen

Black soldier fly, is a kind of insect of the genus Platyceridae of the Diptera Hydrofly family. It is distributed in most parts of the tropics and subtropics of the world.

Black soldier fly horsefly larva is one of the important animal protein resources. It can also be used as feed to treat organic waste. It is also widely used in medicine. Black soldier fly horsefly larva can be used to treat burns and wound healing after wounds. At the same time, Black soldier fly horsefly larva also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and is a medical resource and medicinal insect larvae. The most useful is that the body of Black soldier fly is rich in fat, which is a high-quality raw material for the production of bio-diesel.

We have many customers inquiring about the classification of Black soldier fly. Generally, the screen mesh required by the vibrating screen is 0.5mm; 0.8mm; 1mm; 2mm; 5mm, etc. The models used are generally 1000mm or 1200mm in diameter, and the output is average. It is about 1 ton.

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