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Application of Vibrating Screen in The Production Process of Glutinous Rice Flour

The production process of glutinous rice flour includes: washing-soaking-crushing and sieving-dehydration and filtration-crushing and drying-crushing the oversize to obtain the desired products.

The immersed rice is controlled to flow to the crusher through the pipeline; crushing can use two emery mills. The emery mill is superior to the traditional stone mill, with high output and fineness. Twice grinding is divided into coarse grinding and fine grinding, which can reduce the temperature generated during refining, so that the production of rice flour can maintain the flavor quality of manual production; it can also increase the output of grinding powder accordingly, and the pulp can better achieve the best Requirements to facilitate continuous production in industrialization. When crushing, water should be added continuously to ensure that the solid content of the slurry is about 20%. The slurry needs to pass an 80 mesh vibrating screen, and the contents on the screen can be repeatedly crushed into the mill. The raw material glutinous rice must have an iron removal device when entering the mill, to prevent metal foreign objects from being entrained into the mill, so as not to damage the groove of the grinding disc, shorten the service life, and affect the fineness.