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Application of Dust Free Feeding Station And Vacuum Feeder

Because powdered materials usually have a small specific gravity, the process of large-scale screening is often accompanied by annoying dust emission problems, and the degree of emission will increase with the increase in the fineness of the powder. Most vibrating screen manufacturers try to solve this problem. , The powder screening equipment is usually designed to be sealed. This measure solves the problem of dust escape during the screening process, but it cannot avoid the phenomenon of powder overflow during the feeding process. For example, in the high-precision powder screening process in the pharmaceutical industry, the escape of dust will not only cause the waste of high-value materials, but also cause the materials to be contaminated by dust. In the face of dust-free screening requirements such as the pharmaceutical industry, only circular vibration the sealing device of the sieve is difficult to meet the requirements. We suggest to cooperate with the vacuum feeder + dust-free feeding station to realize dust-free feeding and feeding.

The use of dust-free feeding station can avoid the wanton flying of dust during manual feeding, and it can also create a comfortable working environment for workers, which is beneficial to physical and mental health. In the production process of powder and other industries, the transportation of powder materials has become an important issue in improving the production process and product quality between various production links. The ideal transportation method should be to minimize people and materials. Direct contact to avoid cross-contamination and labor intensity and cumbersome process. The vacuum feeder can be used in conjunction with mixers, granulators and other major process equipment, which will increase the degree of automation of the production process in this field. The combination of the two greatly reduces the labor intensity of employees, and at the same time greatly improves work efficiency. At the same time, it also meets environmental protection requirements and can improve production efficiency.

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