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Application Of Drum Screen In Screening Sand

Sand has a wide range of uses. In addition to being the main raw material for concrete in building materials, it is also a fast solvent for iron smelting. Due to the different uses of sand, the required sand particle size is naturally different. In order to obtain different sands, classification and impurity removal are required, and screening equipment - drum screens are used. The trommel screenis a grading and screening equipment for solid particles. The screen grid can have four different models, which can directly screen out materials of different particles, and has strong applicability for sand screening. So what are the characteristics of the drum screen?

1. Durability: The screen is reinforced with special materials and liners, which reduces the impact of materials on the screen and increases the service life of the screen.

2. Environmental protection: The screen body is protected by a sealed isolation cover, which not only protects the safety of production, but also ensures that the sand will not fly randomly and protect the hygienic environment of the site operation.

3. Economy: The trommel screen has simple structure, small maintenance, and the wearing parts only need to replace the bearings, so it is more economical and applicable.

4. Customization: The drum screen produced by our company can be customized according to the customer's needs for the thickness of the steel plate and the power of the motor.

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