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Apple Juice Filtration Using 450 Type Vibrating Screen

Apple is a natural antioxidant food. Freshly squeezed apple juice is rich in nutrients and good for health. It is one of the important sources of vitamins and minerals for the human body. In the processing of apple juice, filtration is one of the most important Processing process.

Recently, a customer of ours asked about the filtration of apple juice. The customer said that the sieve aperture they need to filter is 60 mesh. Through communication with customers, we recommended our large-use vibrating standard 450-diameter liquid rotary vibrating screen, made of standard 304 stainless steel. The seal of the vibrating screen is equipped with food hygiene silicone material standards, which fully meets the food hygiene standards.

The 450-diameter filter vibrating screen is a small and low-noise filter and screening equipment, which does not occupy space, consumes low power, and can quickly change the screen. It is suitable for: screening and filtering all fine powder particles and slurry materials. The filter screen is widely used in food Industry and chemical industry, especially for soy milk, juice small processing plants are the most widespread.

Dayong vibrating screen has a complete manufacturing process, polishing, grinding, welding, every link in the product manufacturing is strictly checked, every detail must be checked in place, and after various inspections, it will be shipped after confirming that it is correct.

If you have other questions about liquid filtration, Dayong Machinery has professionals who can provide you with a satisfactory solution.

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