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Tumbler Screen With High Screening Precision

2021-01-28 11:38:29

Product Introduction

Tumbler screen machine is the mechanical simulation for the simplest sieving method--- using your hands with the staring of your eyes. It is the most effective principle which takes the most effective simulation of the artificial sieving movement, thus makes it sieve precisely, efficiency. By the way, it can use long time than common round sieve.

Tumbler screen has unique self-cleaning device, due to some materials having the characters of strong absorption, easy to reunite, high static, high precision, light weight, the screen mesh is easy be blocked, in order to prevent that, the self-clean device is installed on the machine, as follows: ultrasonic self-clean device, bouncing balls self-clean device, rotary brush self-clean device.


1. Up to 5 times outlet compared with common sieving machine.
2. Stable screen motion even under full load.
3. Tumbling movement indefinitely adjustable, resulting in precise control of residence time on the screen,capacity and screening efficiency can be coordinated and optimized.
4. Screen motion is recordable, therefore the optimal operating data are reproducible at any time and result in constant product quality.
5. Product specific mesh cleaning systems.
6. Quick access to the screen inserts.
7. Modular design permits various machine modifications.
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