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The effect of three-layer linear vibrating screen for ceramic ball screening

2019-08-05 09:55:15
 The working principle of the three-layer linear vibrating screen is the same as that of the single-layer linear screen. It is through two horizontal vibrating motors with the same amplitude and the same exciting force, and simultaneously moves in the same direction or in the opposite direction to make the material longitudinally on the screen surface. The exciting forces cancel each other out, and the lateral exciting force is superimposed. The material is subjected to a linear jump along the screen surface under the combined force of its own gravity and lateral excitation force. Due to the different mesh size of the material and the mesh, the material achieves the grading effect during the operation.

The three-layer linear vibrating screen is equipped with three grids and screens of different specifications in the screen box, so that one feeding can be realized. Through the work of the sieve machine, four different sizes of ceramic balls are classified at a time. Non-compliant ceramic balls enter the pulverizer directly through the belt, continue to smash and reproduce granulation, and the ceramic balls that meet the specifications will be packaged in batches according to specifications.
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