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Repurchase From Old Customers

2020-10-23 21:49:22
Rotary vibrating screen is a screening equipment commonly used in all walks of life. It is widely used in the screening of granular, powder or liquid materials in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, mining, ceramics, etc.
Generally, we are very familiar with the sieving of solid materials such as powders or granules, but many customers do not know much about liquid filtration. The rotary vibrating screen can dehydrate the solid-liquid mixture, and can also remove impurities in the liquid. Used in juice, dairy, ceramic slurry, glaze filtration, Chinese and Western medicine extraction, paint filtration, automobile glue filtration, waste water recycling and other industries.

One of our customers in the Netherlands wants to achieve the purpose of dewatering and removing impurities. Because the customer has purchased our rotary vibrating screen before and the use effect is very good, so he still tends to buy our rotary vibrating screen again. The customer asked for filtration 20 Micron mesh, we design the adhesive mesh frame for the customer according to the actual situation of the customer, but considering that the mesh is very fine and easy to break, we combine customer feedback and suggestions this time, and then stick it on the original basis. A layer of trawl can protect the fine mesh, which will extend the service life of the screen. Of course, due to the overlap of the screen, the flow rate will be affected. However, the processing capacity of our rotary vibrating screen is far greater than customer requirements In addition, at the position of the feed inlet, we also carefully designed buffers for customers to avoid the impact on the screen.

Xinxiang Dayong Vibration Equipment Co., Ltd. will be responsible for every customer, listen carefully to customer needs, provide customers with practical and feasible solutions in time, provide customers with high-quality services, safeguard customer rights and continue to create value for customers
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