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New type resin powder vibrating screen

2015-10-28 11:19:48
Product profile
If you want to know what is resin vibrating screen, you need to get to know what is resin. Resin is a polar non crystalline macromolecular compound, which has a low anti impact ability. Generally, we use the rotary vibrating screen to sieve the resin, so we call it PVC vibrating screen.

Product classification
According to different layer, we usually call vibrating sieve such as one layer, two layer vibrating sieve, the user only need to choose concrete vibrating sieve according to the material they want to screen. Resin vibrating screen can also be adapted to other types such as gate type, edge type. Generally, the material of the vibrating screen are stainless steel or carbon steel.
Product features
1. Using special high property vertical vibration motor as the power source, continuous work in a long time.
2. The parts the material touch on is first class stainless steel, really clean, no bacterium, lasting resistance to corrosion and abrasion.   
3. Easy to clean and replace within 5 minutes, no mesh plug, continuous using.
4. Wide application, food, beverage, medicine, chemical, plastics, abrasive, ceramics, paper-making, nano material industries. A great equipment for grading, roguing, mixing materials, tamping, filtering and solid-liquid separating.
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