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Micro powder vibrating screen

2015-11-21 16:57:14
Product profile:
Micro powder is a super fine powder material, having the problem of reunion, static and adherency than general powders. According to this, we choose ultrasonic vibrating screen for sieving macro powder. Ultrasonic vibrating screen was designed for handling high precision, high density and light specific gravity in sieving materials. The screening precision of ultrasonic vibrating screen can up to 625 mesh, also is 18 μm.

Working principle:
The working principle of ultrasonic vibrating screen is similar to general rotary vibrating screen, but not the same. The exciting source of them are both vertical motor, the eccentric hammer in stalled on the top and bottom of the motor make the motor rotation movement into level, vertical and inclined three-D movement, and then transfer the movement to the material on screen surface.
But ultrasonic vibrating screen has a ultrasonic system, which includes ultrasonic power box, ultrasonic transverter and ultrasonic specialized screen frame. The high frequency electric vibration produced by power box was transferred by transverter into forward spinning vibration waves, which was transferred by the connector on the  specialized screen frame to screen surface. Meanwhile, the ultrasonic vibrating screen not only produce three-D movement, but also ultrasonic vibration. Both of these two vibrations can finish the screening of materials.

Major features:
1. Strong self-cleaning ability, no need to add anti-blocking device such as rubber ball, continuous work in a long time.
2. Can be used for sieving various materials from 40 to 625 mesh, especially above 100 mesh with a great effect.
3. Compare with other sieving equipment, the ultrasonic vibrating screen can improve the sieving precision by 70%, production can be improved 10 times.
4. The sieving can keep high efficiency and the property when in the processing.
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