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Dayong Delivery Notification

2020-02-17 16:44:48
Thanks for all your consideration on us. Please be aware that there could be delay of the the shipment or service due to the unexpected coronavirus on-going in China, the public transportation of many Chinese cities have been closed to minimize inter-personal affection, the government has required all the public and private organizations to extend the holiday schedule to avoid the huge population migration within as short period of time. People from the most affected city of Wuhan have been completely isolated and are not allowed to leave the city at all. Most probably some of the employees will not be able to get back to work in time. We suggest to keep a close eye on the situation and evaluate the exact impact on your supply chain ASAP.

Meanwhile we staff report our temperature, health condition everyday. Our factory are on the process applying the related job for recovering production.we will keep you updated from time to time and try our best to ship the goods that is safe and qualified as early as possible.
We really appreciate for your support and trust on us. We have faith on our government that the coronavirus will be overwhelmed soon.
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