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Causes and consequences of uneven discharge of rotary vibrating screen

2023-08-30 10:15:11
 The rotary vibrating screen is a fine screening equipment with small size and wide application fields. It has low noise and high efficiency. It takes 3-5 minutes to change the screen quickly. It has a fully enclosed structure and is suitable for powder, granules, mucus and other materials. Sieving and filtering; it can be widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. It is deeply loved by the majority of users, but in the actual use of the vibrating screen, due to various reasons, the vibrating screen may have uneven discharge, so how to avoid and solve this problem?

Causes and Measures:

1. Check whether the grid frame is fixed or not. If the frame is not fixed well, it will often cause the sieve box to shake when sieving the material, which will cause uneven discharge of the sieve.

2. Whether the screen is installed properly. When installing screen’s sieve for rotary vibrating screens, we must operate in accordance with specific regulations. The sieve must be tight when buckling the edge of the net, and must not be hasty. When cutting the screen, it should be cut along the edge of the screen frame. If the screen is loose and the tension is not enough, it will affect the screening efficiency.

3. Check whether the motor direction is correct. Under normal circumstances, the motor steering has been set when the screen machine leaves the factory. In the actual installation process, there will be technicians to follow the installation and teach the basic troubleshooting methods of the rotary vibrating screen.

4. Check the vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen. Adjust the appropriate amplitude according to the material condition.


1. Low screening efficiency. When using a vibrating screen, uneven feeding will greatly reduce the screening efficiency.

2. The screen is damaged quickly.

3. Reduce the service life of the vibration motor.

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