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Application of rotary vibrating screen in coffee processing

2024-01-22 14:05:45
 Rotary vibrating screens are widely used in coffee processing.
The rotary vibrating screen is an efficient vibrating screening equipment. It uses the vibration force of high-speed rotation to cause materials to move on the screen surface to achieve screening and classification of granular materials. In the coffee processing process, the rotary vibrating screen can play the following roles:
Separating coffee beans and foreign matter: In coffee production, there may be situations where coffee beans are mixed with impurities (such as stones, branches, metal fragments, etc.). The rotary vibrating screen can separate coffee beans and foreign matter through screening to ensure the quality and safety of coffee beans.
Grading coffee beans: The rotary vibrating screen can grade coffee beans according to their size and separate coffee beans of different sizes. This helps control the quality and taste of the coffee, as well as the uniformity during the coffee roasting process.
Separate coffee powder and bran powder: During the coffee grinding process, some fine bran powder may be produced. The rotary vibrating sieve can separate coffee powder and bran powder through sieving to obtain purer coffee powder.
Control particle size distribution: The rotary vibrating screen can select the appropriate mesh size according to the required particle size range to control the size distribution of coffee particles. This is of great significance in aspects such as coffee packaging and coffee extraction.
It should be noted that the selection and operating parameters of the rotary vibrating screen should be adjusted and optimized according to the specific coffee processing needs. In addition, to ensure the cleanliness of the operating environment and the safety of product quality, appropriate dust control and sanitation measures should be taken.
In summary, the rotary vibrating screen can be used in coffee processing to separate coffee beans and foreign matter, classify coffee beans, separate coffee powder and bran powder, and control particle size distribution. It is an important coffee processing equipment that can improve production efficiency and product quality.
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