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Aluminum powder vibrating screen

2015-11-25 18:02:05
Product overviews:
Seeing from domestic market, the common equipment for screening aluminum powder is XZS series vibrating screen. This kind of machine can keep the aluminum powder discharge automatically, which is obvious. XZS vibrating screen  has a rigorous structure and delicate vibration body, which make it low noise, low consumption, no dust, easy to maintain. It apply in grain industry, chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry beside in metallurgical industry.

Working principle:
The vibrator on the aluminum powder vibrating screen create excitation by the drive of the motor, and then the excitation was combined by springs so that it can make compound vibration, which shows a complex stereo curve movement trajectory. This kind of trajectory turns up a circle when projected on water level, a ellipse when projected on two vertical level. If someone wants to change the movement trajectory of the material on the screen, he has to adjust the phase angle of the rotating hammer on the top and bottom of the vibrator to make the hammers overlap with each other,then the phase angle is 0 degree, and the material will diverge outside; to make the hammers on the up and bottom vertical, the material will gather inside.
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