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Working principle of linear vibrating screen

Structure simulation diagram
The principle of the Linear Vibrating Screen is related to its structure, let’s observe that how was the linear vibrating screen made of, as following:

Workflow diagram
After knowing the structure of linear vibrating screen, let’s watch its work simulation diagram, as following is the concrete show of the working principle of linear vibrating screen:

Working principle

Lastly, it is the introduction of linear vibrating screen’s working principle: the linear vibrating screen works under the driving force produced by the double motor. When two same motors make reversed rotation, the vibration force produced by the eccentric block create a resultant force in perpendicular to the direction of the motor shaft and offset each other in parallel to the direction of the motor axis, that is to say, the trajectories of screen machine is a straight line. Two motor shaft relative to the screen surface is a tilt angle. Under the action of resultant produced by the driving force and the material gravity, the screen surface throw the material as leap and linear movement, so as to cater to the purpose of screening and grading.