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Why Should The Spring In The Linear Vibrating Screen Be Rubber

The spring is a part of the linear vibrating screen. Why is the spring rubber on the linear vibrating screen? The elastic modulus of rubber is much smaller than that of metal, and it varies within a wide range of hardness. Therefore, changing the hardness of the rubber can make the spring obtain different stiffness, that is, the stiffness of the rubber spring of the same shape can also be selected within a certain range. Therefore, changing the internal structure of the linear vibrating screen spring (changing, the size of the core hole, etc.) can also change the stiffness of the spring. The resistance of the rubber spring to transmit sound is much greater than the resistance of the metal spring, so the sound insulation effect is better and the noise during working hours is smaller. In addition, the rubber spring can also withstand shear deformation and compression deformation. The internal friction damping of rubber springs is much greater than that of metal springs. Therefore, when the rubber spring vibrating screen starts to stop and passes through the resonance area, the amplitude is much smaller than that of the coil spring vibrating screen machine, so the rubber resonance near resonance vibrator is used. The amplitude is relatively stable, but the energy consumption is greater than that of the metal spring.

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